Blog Growth Engine Review

Have you heard about Blog Growth Engine, and do you need to know more? Well, you are in the right place because; in this Blog Growth Engine Review, you will see why this is the best course to help you achieve that goal.

Its creator, Adam Enfroy, started a blog in 2019, and as of the time I tell you this, he is making over 300,000 dollars per month with it. And he is showing you in the course the exact blueprint.

While your goal may not be that high, you can make significant and life-changing money by following this blueprint and adapting it to your goals.

So let’s look at Blog Growth Engine, its advantages, and any drawbacks. Of course, you will know how to Join Blog Growth Engine and become a very successful blogger.

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What Is Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine is a modern blueprint of how to start, build and succeed in blogging in the 2020s.

As its name clearly says, it is the engine to grow a blog from the start until fulfilling your financial goals. But it is the latest-model engine, not an old one that doesn’t work that well anymore (or doesn’t work at all).

In other words, this is the number one course you would ever need to succeed online.

A lot of blogging advice is outdated, but this course includes the core activities and steps to create a passive income in the back of your life without risking tons of money.

Since its inception in late 2020 and launching in June 2021, Blog Growth Engine has over 1400 students, many of whom are achieving success before their first year.

image 37 e1680975599501

Free Blogging Masterclass

With Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy shows you how to start and grow a blog to make life-changing money.

Who Created The Course?

Adam Enfroy Picture
Adam Enfroy. Source: Twitter
Colin Profile Picture 768x768 1
Colin Shipp. Source:

Adam Enfroy, a successful blogger and entrepreneur, is Blog Growth Engine’s co-creator.

His co-founder is Colin Shipp, a blogger, entrepreneur, and facilitator of many lessons in Blog Growth Engine. Read Colin’s story here.

Adam Enfroy worked at a pizza place eight years ago, making $9 an hour. In his own words:

“I was broke, miserable, …, and saw this as my all-to-certain future”.

Adam Enfroy at

He started several online endeavors but failed.

Then Adam started his blog as a side project to apply all he learned from his corporate job helping startup companies with Affiliate Marketing.

When he started his blog in 2019, he had no content, no subscribers, and zero everything else. However, he applied the skills he learned in the startup world, and after trying and failing, he found a formula that worked.

It worked so well that his blog became one of the fastest-growing websites ever, with over half a million monthly readers and a million-dollar revenue.

Today, thanks to his blog, adam travels, lives all over the world, is capable of investing a lot of money in creating wealth, and dedicates his life to his beloved ones and teaching others how he did it.

All that happened in a little over two years.

Adam has also been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur

Read Adam’s full story here.

And with all those readers and his Blog Growth Engine full steam ahead, it was the time to create the course that can make it possible for others.

Here are Adam’s blog stats at the time this blog post is being published:

image 53
Source: SE Ranking

Into the Blog Growth engine Review: The Benefits

  • Created by Experts
  • Successful formula
  • Anyone can do it
  • Progressive learning
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • Private Community and BGE Link Exchange in Slack
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching
  • A shorter path to success

Created by Experts

Adam Enfroy, Colin Shipp, and other collaborators in Blog Growth Engine are experts in every aspect of blogging, from setup to creating content to link building and monetization (and every other area in between).

Watch this Free Blogging Master Class by Adam Enfroy, and it will be immediately apparent to you what I am telling you about expertise.

Successful Formula

Adam Enfroy and his collaborators followed the same steps and succeeded. If you enroll in Blog Growth Engine, apply the knowledge, and follow along, you can achieve success too.

Anyone Can Do it

Even if you are new to blogging, you are successful but want more success, you have tried and failed, or if you are an introvert, Blog Growth Engine and blogging success is for everyone.

Progressive Learning

The course takes you step-by-step from the foundations to the most advanced tactics. Everyone is different, so it may take more time to understand and less for others on a particular topic and vice-versa on another.

Lifetime Access, And Updates

Taking from the previous point, when it takes longer for some to learn specific skills, it comes in handy that Blog Growth Engine has on-request lessons that you can stop, go back and replay as much as you want until you master each topic.

Also, things may change as you learn, and you will have access to all course updates.

Currently, 2.0 updates have been released.

As of this review update (25 September 2022), the Private Facebook Community, the Course Platform, and the coaching described below have merged into a new platform, BGE Mastermind.

Private Community and BGE Link Exchange in Slack

image 51
BGE Private Community – Source Facebook BGE Group

More than 1400 students and bloggers, from beginners to the already successful, shared their experiences and knowledge in the Facebook private community. There were also live weekly Q&A broadcasts. All that has been moved to BGE Mastermind, and the Facebook group is being replaced.

image 45
Success Posts in the Private Community – Source Facebook BGE Group
image 48
BGE Link Exchange Slack Launched in July 2022 – Source Facebook BGE Group

Unlimited 1:1 coaching

When you can’t find the answers to your queries in the community or the training lessons, you can schedule a coaching session with experts to put the issues behind you and keep growing.

This is also merged into a BGE Mastermind calendar.

image 49
BGE Coaches

A Shorter Path To Success

Blog Growth Engine shows actionable tasks and steps and teaches you skills to grow your blog and earn money in months, opposite to old blogging advice, which is well-intentioned for most, but outdated and could take years.

There are many other benefits I can personally tell you about, but instead, you will see them in the specifics of the course, which is the following section.

image 37 e1680975599501

Free Blogging Masterclass

With Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy shows you how to start and grow a blog to make life-changing money.

An Engine Built With Each Part In The Right Place

An engine has a core structure and many fixed and mobile parts, which must ideally be in sync. It is no different for this course. Let’s look at these parts, which translate into methods, systems, tools, processes, and skills to follow, learn, and master into success.

Increase your online presence and authority quickly by using your identity, areas of expertise, and target market. The flywheel will focus on your niche and slowly snowball, increasing website traffic, higher profits, and better partnerships.

Discover your niche over time as you find your market value and build your brand. The Brand of You allows you to pivot, change, and adapt over time into a solid brand and more success.

This section is an over-the-shoulder training, including every step to get your website up and running. That is the most cost-effective website stack and configurations, exactly bit-by-bit.

To maximize revenue, you need to know which keywords are better to target based on their revenue potential, search volume, and search intent. With this training, you will become a master of selecting the most profitable keywords.

Using the power of AI and SEO tools and bullet-proof Templates, you can quickly and easily assemble high-ranking content. That way, you will make money faster.

Learn the tactics to get quality links to your site, resulting in higher domain ratings.

As you move forward, you will need to scale, delegate, and outsource specific tasks to focus on being a business owner to grow your business faster and with a more strategic role.

To make money blogging that can change your life in months, not years, you need to use different monetization strategies based on your site’s age and traffic volume. Learn how to monetize your site at every stage.

With the above in mind, now look at the breakdown. Every stage of the course and the main topics you will learn in Blog Growth Engine.

The Exact Content – All Blog Growth Engine Phases

0. Welcome to Blog Growth Engine 2.0

image 37
Adam Enfroy. Source BGE
  • Welcome and Intro from Adam Enfroy, the brains of Blog Growth Engine

1. Your Niche

Introducing Colin Shipp, Adam Enfroy’s business partner.

image 38
Adam Enfroy and Colin Ship In The Brand Of You Video – Source BGE
  • Overview
  • 1999 Niche Selection – The outdated and old ways of building niche sites
  • The Brand of You – The powerful new way to build a blog around your online identity
  • The Authority Flywheel – The unique system to scale your influence at startup speed
  • The Authority Flywheel Exercise – Follow along and work with Colin on uncovering your niche
  • BONUS: How to Choose a Domain Name
  • 2.0 – Difficulty Threshold

2. Your Mindset

  • Overview
  • Imposter Syndrome
    • What imposter syndrome is
    • How to defeat imposter syndrome once and for all
    • Why imposter syndrome in blogging isn’t as scary as it seems
  • Inevitable Pitfalls – Adam and Colin break down the unavoidable pitfalls you will encounter when you start your blogging business and how to avoid them.
  • The Devil On Your Shoulder – Adam and Colin discuss “the devil on your shoulder,” how to fight back against negative thought patterns, why it’s not too late to start blogging, and the final mindset shifts you need to take your blog to the next level.
  • 2.0 – Timeline to Freedom – Ideal goals to achieve when starting your blog business.
image 39

3. Blogging Like A Startup

  • Overview
  • The Startup Mentality
    • The Lean Startup methodology when it comes to blogging
    • How to think about blogging from a minimum viable product (MVP) point of view
    • How to pivot, adapt, and create a radically successful business in the 2020s
  • Blogging in 2010 vs. Today
    • The history of blogging and how it was a different ballgame in the past
    • What the blogging landscape looks like today and how to start thinking about it from a monetization standpoint
    • How to make money blogging today
  • Pivoting
    • What pivoting is 
    • Why pivoting is crucial for any business to stay afloat
    • How can you incorporate a pivoting mindset into your blogging business
  • Feedback Loops
    • What a feedback loop is
    • How to think like a scientist
    • How to use data to drive your decisions
  • 2.0 – Becoming an Entrepreneur

4. Decoding Search Intent

  • Overview
  • Search Intent Decoded
    • Inbound vs. interruption marketing
    • What search intent is and why it matters
    • How Google works
    • Types of search intent
    • Why search intent is everything
  • Why Search Intent Matters
  • Search Intent in Real Life
  • 2.0 – Search Intent Is Everything in 2022 and Beyond

5. minimum Viable Website

The 2.0 updates in this section introduce Eddy Ballesteros, Blog Growth Engine’s student, successful blogger, and now BGE’s Head Coach.

image 40
  • Overview
  • Your Toolkit: In this video, Colin walks through the entire toolkit required to set up your blog.
  • DIY Website Design
  • Your Core Four Pages
  • 2.0 – WordPress Overview and Installation
  • 2.0 – Google Site Setup Kit (Google Analytics and Search Console)
  • 2.0 – Step by Step Kadence Tutorial
  • 2.0 – WordPress Post Structure
image 41
Eddy Ballesteros – Source BGE
image 42
Following along with Eddie’s expertise – Source BGE

6. Keyword Monetization

  • Overview
  • Keyword Research Fundamentals
  • Keyword Monetization Matrix Part 1
  • Keyword Monetization Matrix Part 2
  • How to do Keyword Research Step by Step
  • 2.0 – Competitor Analysis to Find Keywords
  • 2.0 – Transactional VS Informational Keywords
  • 2.0 – Your First Keywords

7. Blog Content Creation

  • The Content Assembly Line Mindset
  • The Startup Content Blueprint
  • Blog Post Structure and On-Page SEO
  • The Minimum Viable Post Method
  • Your First Post
  • Creating a Bullet-proof Outline
  • BONUS: SurferSEO Tutorial
  • 2.0 – Your Blog Launch Publishing Schedule
  • BONUS: Write Your First Post With (Linkbait)
  • BONUS: Creating A How-To Guide
  • BONUS: Creating A Product Review

8. Link Building

  • Link Building Fundamentals
  • The Link Building Machine
  • Link Building Step by Step
  • BONUS: Using Haro for Link Building
  • 2.0 – Link Exchange Engine
  • 2.0 – Analyzing and Understanding Links
  • 2.0 – Authority Is More Important Than Ever
  • 2.0 – Anchor Text

9. Affiliate Marketing

  • Blog Monetization Timeline
  • Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Affiliate Tactics
  • 2.0 – Next Level Monetization

10. Scaling And outsourcing

  • Scaling 2.0
  • How to Hire “A” Players
  • Your Scaling Team
  • 2.0 – Day to Day Operations of Blogging Like a Startup
  • 2.0 – Your 7-Figure Team

11. Monetizing Your Skills With Services

Introducing Jessica La, another successful blogger, BGE student, and currently one of the BGE’s Coaches.

image 43
Colin and JLA teaching in the phase Monetizing Your Skills – Source BGE
  • Monetizing Your Skills
  • Guest Post Outreach: A Minefield For Opportunities
  • When to Make the Sell (without actually selling)
  • Making Money with Freelance Writing
  • Making Money Selling Links
  • Making Money with Consulting/Content Marketing Packages
  • Pricing 101 and Predictable Revenue
  • Billing, Proposals, and Contracts
  • Scaling, Systemizing, and Outsourcing

Course Navigation Panel And Steps

Blog Growth Engine makes it easy to learn progressively with its very intuitive tools and a friendly user experience.

After your Blog Growth Engine login, starting from the first lesson, you can follow easy steps in sequence, but you can always jump to sections you would like to watch again.

Take a look at the new platform and community BGE Mastermind. You can jump to it here.

Blog Growth Engine Navigation Panel
BGE User Interface

1. Phase

Click on the selected phase to expand.

2022 09 19 15 34 28 Blog Growth Engine Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy

2. Topic

Select the topic from the drop-down menu to load the video.

Step 2

3. Settings

Select your preferred settings. You can change the playback speed and quality.

Step 3

4. Play the Videos

Simply use the play button or the emerging controls.

Step 4

5. Complete And Continue

Click on complete and continue to toggle the lesson completed and play the following video of the course sequence.

Step 5 1

Blog Growth Engine Update: BGE Mastermind

Update: September 25, 2022

Blog Growth Engine has released the new course and community platform, BGE Mastermind (powered by Skool).

BGE Mastermind merges the previous course platform, the coaching platform, the Private FB Community, and the calendar for Live weekly Q and A, all in one stop!

BGE Mastermind is sleek: Below is a view of the community tab.

image 71
BGE Mastermind Platform

The platform now has a system of rewards for members whose contributions are supportive to the community and many other notable additions.

image 72
BGE Mastemind Leaderboards

You can also check other members’ profiles, look at their posts and daily activity, follow them and chat live if they are currently available.

image 115

Coaching sessions calendar, where all sessions with all 3 BGE coaches (JLA, Eddy, and Chris) are marked, and you can also send them to your favorite calendar application.

There are 3 live Q and A weekly, one for each coach.

image 73
BGE Live Q and A calendar with coaches JLA, Eddy, and Chris
image 84
Add the Live Q and A Sessions to your favorite Calendar

BGE Mastermind Classroom tab is the course, and it includes great features as the prior platform for playback, with some superb additions.

Like before, you can track your progress, access the different lessons and sub-lessons, and toggle the full-screen view.

Perhaps the best of all the additions that this new platform brings is the update to the course with a full transcript of the video lessons now available!

Simply click on expand, and you will see the transcript for the full video.

image 77

And another cool new feature is the picture-in-picture play mode, where you can continue watching the video while doing other tasks.

It appears by default at the bottom right corner of your screen, but you can drag and drop it wherever it suits you better.

image 78
image 80

But you don’t need to necessarily be on the BGE Mastermind page. You can do other things. For a clear example, see how I continue watching the video while updating this content. Or you can do anything else on any other screen. It will continue showing.

image 82

This is a clear example of the forever updates included when you get Blog Growth Engine.

Blog Growth Engine Pricing (With Special Discount)

The course retail price is $3900. Continue to be the same after the major update of the new platform: BGE Mastermind.

If you want to access an exceptional discount, through my link to the Free Blogging Masterclass by Adam Enfroy below, you can get access for $1597.

That is a $2303 discount. The time to enroll with the discounted price after watching the masterclass is limited to a few days, so you need to register before the discount is gone.

This will help you get the additional tools you need for a successful blogging business.

Free Blogging Masterclass

Adam Enfroy shows you how to start and grow a blog to make life-changing money.

Additional Tools Cost

In addition to the course, some other tools are needed, and they have a cost. Some of them are mandatory. 

This is all discussed in Adam Enfroy’s course with good recommendations.

A domain can start at $10 – $15 per year while Hosting can start from $2.95 per month.

Independently of the plan, domain and hosting are mandatory to have a website.

With this link, you can get hosting + Free Domain for one year starting at $2.95 per month.

The below tools are necessary for your blogging journey, but not necessarily must you have them all from the beginning. You can add parts to your blog engine as you work.

There are also other alternatives that are less pricy, but these are the best available

Below prices are just references to the basic plans that are enough for starters:

  • Wordfence – $99 per year
  • Ahrefs – $99 – $199 per month (In the case of Ahrefs, you can pay for a month and do all the work for a year, canceling the subscription before it renews) otherwise, I recommend SE Ranking as a good and less expensive alternative.
  • – $49 – $99 per month (You can Get 10,000 words for a free 5/days trial with this link and up to 50,000 on their site by participating in short live video lessons).
  • Surfer SEO – $49 – $99 per month

Blog Growth Engine Pros And Cons

It is very little against this course. The amount of rich knowledge, features, and benefits put the scale in favor of the pros.

BGE Pros

  • Very well structured, step-by-step, high-quality videos in a friendly user interface
  • Blog Growth Engine is suitable for any person from any trade of life
  • You’ll learn, even if you are experienced. You will earn more money with the tactics taught at Blog Growth Engine
  • Free and unlimited one-to-one coaching: Priceless
  • Lifetime immediate access, with lifetime updates
  • Great value for money (Considering having experts, successful people teaching you exactly what to do to be like them, repeating what you need, and updates for a lifetime, community access, and many other great things for 1-time payment).

Let’s take a look at the drawbacks:

BGE Cons

  • There is a lot of information that may be difficult to digest for total newbies. It would be beneficial to break down some settings and design lessons in more parts. The Private Community, with weekly Q&A and the1-on-1 coaching, can help supply this.
  • The course could include more information on Email Marketing and Funnels.

That is what I see could be better, but there are other sources, and in future updates, they will keep incorporating more skills.

Blog Growth Engine Personal Experience

I have seen and taken several courses for blogging, some more oriented to content and some more oriented to affiliate marketing.

Some were nice and gave me good foundations. Some things I saw and a few I did not even worth it to join. I have been around enough and seen all the shiny objects, the scams, and all the prices, from free to the highest cost.

But I have been blown away by Blog Growth Engine because it gave me knowledge and tools for the future. Google isn’t going anywhere, and there are plenty of opportunities for creating a blog and making life-changing money.

Blog Growth Engine teaches you what to do, but more importantly, how to do it.

I have learned more with Blog Growth Engine in a brief period than I knew with all other platforms combined.

Update: September 21,2022

I got a badge from Google Search Console for having 5 clicks on my site from Organic Searches. In other words, people search for what I am writing about, and my site is getting organically displayed.

image 56

And I assume that some of those displays have already been ranked relatively high to get those clicks to my pages (when you search for something in google, rarely do you look at the second and third page). Besides, probably what my title says attracted the visitors to click.

Ok, I have to give you this: looking at the image, it says 5 clicks in the past 28 days. And you may be thinking, “well, that is not a big deal!” It would be good to get these results in this period, anyway, but it doesn’t sound like a great deal, I must admit it!

But this is not the case.

Google Search Console was computing from when I connected my website to them, 4 weeks before the message received today while I was preparing my site for launching. But my site was not yet live. It was launched 9 days before this message was received (September 12th, 2022).

And it took a few days until my content started to get indexed. I received a few days before notification from Google Search Console of the date when they started collecting search impressions (the times my site appeared in the view of real people searching on Google).

image 58

So that means that these 5 clicks badge I got awarded, and the 126 total impressions and the 5 clicks happened in just 4 days (I filtered in Google Search Console from September 15th to 19th), and not in 28 days.

image 57

And I got some impressions on Google’s page 1 already. In just 5 days.

image 59

To me, all those are indicators of doing right in following the high-quality lessons from the Blog Growth Engine.

Do you see where it goes from here?

Conclusion: Should You Buy Blog Growth Engine?

Short answer: Yes. But let me explain a bit more.

If you are going to put in the willingness to learn, the work, the perseverance, and you are serious about blogging as a business; then this course is for you.

Will you succeed? If you follow the learning from BGE, most probably, yes. However, I cannot guarantee results cause I don’t know your background or habits or how much commitment you will put into a successful plan.

I have to clarify this: This is not a course for you if you plan to blog as a hobby only, if you will write about passions only, or if you expect to have results overnight.

People who follow the model are becoming or already became successful.

What is more important is that there must be a reason for so many success stories, from Adam Enfroy’s success to the creation of Blog Growth Engine and the incredible number of students and success stories among them in the short period of 3 years! Isn’t it?

Back to you: Watch the free masterclass and make the best decision for you.

I hope my review is helpful!

image 37 e1680975599501

Free Blogging Masterclass

With Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy shows you how to start and grow a blog to make life-changing money.

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