Best Free And Paid Blogging Resources

With so much online information, it can be difficult for bloggers to choose which resources to use. I try to clear all your queries in the best free and paid resources for your blog list: A selection of curated tools and software I use and recommend.

When I launched my blog, I assumed that creating helpful content for the target audience and optimizing it for search engine result pages (SERPs) would be sufficient to start earning money immediately.

Like many beginners, I had no idea blogging involved more than creating content.

So the question then becomes: What is needed to have a successful blog that generates the right kind of traffic in large numbers to generate a good income from affiliate marketing—without compromising the privacy of your readers or the security of your blog?

It would help if you had the tools and software to support the beginning blogger to becoming a professional blogger.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, for which I may get compensation at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. I’ve personally used or thoroughly researched these products and stand for them. This site is not intended to provide financial advice but for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our Privacy Policy.

What Are The Best Free and Paid Resources For Your Blog

I have compiled a list of resources to support your blog’s growth. These free and paid resources for bloggers can assist you in growing your blog, whether your goal is to monetize, attract more readers, increase page views, or create a more attractive website.

I have also listed resources for the security of your blog to help you ensure user privacy and avoid malware.

I have separated the resources into different categories based on their function to make it easier to find the blogging resource you are looking for.

These categories include hosting, caching, image compression, security features, firewall/malware protection, themes, website builders, productivity and AI copywriting, SEO plugin, SEO software, and affiliate management.

Let’s begin.

What Are The Best Hosting Resources for Bloggers?

Top Pick
Best Shared Web Hosting Service Provider | A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Turbo Max

Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Databases, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Unparalleled 20X Speed

The incorrect web hosting decision can harm your blog’s overall performance and security and slow down your website. Unparalleled

Additionally, changing web hosts can be troublesome. Making the right decision is crucial when starting a new blog.

A2 Hosting

image 3

Overview With Personal Experience

I recently moved my site hosting and my domain to this company.

After some time blogging, I found the best plan for bloggers: A2 Hosting Turbo Max Shared WordPress Hosting.

image 2

I signed for three years at a great deal, but I can tell you the worth already shows Big Time!

Here are some of the features tested and long discussed with the sales team before I took the plunge:

Top Features

  • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support (Best Experience)
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Traffic Spike Performance Protection
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • 20X Pageload Speed (Better For Higher SEO Ranking and Conversion Rates
  • Cachin and Image Optimizing (You will not need additional plugins)
  • All the above and more for a massive deal of Key, Growth, and Turbo features
  • Pricing may seem a bit high compared to other shared plans, but only with the speed and the support, it is already a bargain.

The following are my two other picks for the best hosting resources for bloggers:


Best Free And Paid resources For Your Blog - Hosting


Bluehost is the best web hosting for newbies and small business owners due to its simple operation and 1-click WordPress setup.

In addition to that, Bluehost has fantastic 24/7 customer service and a fantastic support crew that is efficient and courteous. If you switch from another web hosting provider, they will also provide free website migration.

Top Features

  • Bluehost is quite user-friendly for beginners. If you’ve never built a website before, Bluehost makes the process incredibly simple. WordPress is set up automatically by the provider.
  • The service uses its native management interface for simple site management. The dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and well-kept. For more sophisticated administrative features, it also offers a cPanel integration.
  • Every plan comes with a free custom domain that is also instantly set up, so there is one less thing for you to worry about.


  • Shared Hosting: Starting at $2.75 per month

Affordable shared hosting is available from Bluehost for as little as $2.75 per month. Bluehost’s shared WordPress packages will work better using WordPress as your blogging platform.

They are comparable to the “regular” shared plans but are designed specifically for WordPress sites. There are four shared WordPress options available at the standard shared hosting pricing.

Bottom Line

Aspiring bloggers should aim to set up their website as soon and affordably as possible.

Start earning money from your blog without spending a fortune by starting with Bluehost as your blog host.

WPX Hosting

image 15


WPX Hosting is the solution for you if you’re looking for efficiency. Based on my tests, I can say that you won’t find a faster hosting service today than WPX.

With WPX, websites load incredibly quickly; the quicker your site loads, the more money you’ll generate.

WPX features its own Content Delivery Network (CDN), which uses the location that is physically nearest to your viewers to deliver your files.

Top Features

  • You have access to unlimited site migrations
  • The hosting provides you with tools to optimize site speed
  • 10 GB of SSD Storage is available with the basic plan
  • Malware removal is provided for free


  • Business: $20.83 per month
  • Professional: $41.58 per month
  • Elite: $83.25 per month

With plans starting at $20.83 per month for up to five sites and access to their CDN network, you can be sure that your websites will load incredibly quickly wherever in the world.

Bottom Line

With this hosting provider, you are not required to pay upfront for a full year of hosting. WPX accepts monthly payments but offers two months free if you pay annually. Anyone serious about monetizing their blog online should seriously consider using WPX Hosting.

What Are the Best Caching Resources for Bloggers?

A cache is a group of data temporarily kept for speedy access when needed. Information is typically kept on hard disks in computers. After being requested, the information must go through several steps on the computer.

By processing the information that is frequently requested and keeping it in temporary storage or memory, caching provides a solution to this problem. It enables computers to access files quickly.

You can cache your content and pages quickly and effortlessly using the best plugins for blogs. Although there are many blog caching resources, my pick for this category is a one-stop solution that will meet all your caching needs.

WP Rocket

image 20


The best blogger caching plugin available is WPRocket. If you are unfamiliar with the technical jargon used to describe various cache options, you won’t find a simpler and friendlier caching plugin for beginners than WPRocket.

Top Features

  • With only one click, users can quickly cache their websites.
  • Its crawler automatically retrieves the pages from your website to fill the cache.
  • Cache pre-loading, page caching, and Gzip compression are some suggested website caching options the plugin automatically enables.
  • You can activate other optional functions in WP Rocket to boost performance even more. It includes lazy image loading, minification, DNS pre-fetching, CDN support, and other features.


  • Single: $49 per year
  • Plus: $99 per year
  • Infinite: $249 per year

The basic package includes support and product updates for just one website.

The “Plus” Plan supports three websites, while the “Infinite” offering allows you to get support and product updates for as many sites as you wish.

Bottom Line

The premium caching plugin WP Rocket has a broad set of functions. It’s the ideal solution for quickly and easily optimizing your website pages and speeding up your site.

When installed and active on your website, WP Rocket starts functioning immediately, setting it apart from other performance improvement plugins.

What Are the Best Image Compression Resources for Bloggers?

Image compression or resizing is the process of reducing the size of images so they can fit more into a given amount of space.

Furthermore, you should optimize your photos as large-sized photos can cause your website to load slowly.

Per the most recent Google Page Experience update, your website must load quickly if you want your website or blog to rank higher in SERPs.

image 17
Mobile performance of
image 19
Desktop performance of

It is a significant reason for recommending the following image compression resource for blogging.


image 21


ShortPixel can compress images in GIF, PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. The most extensive file that may be uploaded is 10 MB, and three different compression options are available: Lossy Compression, Glossy Compression, and Lossless Compression.

Top Features

  • You can drop up to 50 image files simultaneously for compressing.
  • You can compress file sizes up to a maximum of 10 MB.
  • With a solitary API Key, you can use the ShortPixel plugin to run many sites or a multisite.
  • Lossy algorithms create the lowest possible optimized images.
  • Image compressed with Lossless compression is pixel-for-pixel reproductions of the originals.


  • Free for up to 100 images
  • Paid plan: starting at $3.99 per month

You can start with the free signup to compress up to 100 images. Once that limit is exhausted, you can continue using Shortpixel for image compression by paying $3.99 monthly for 7000 images.

The highest package you can choose is the $83.3 per month plan that allows you to compress up to 220,000 images.

Bottom Line

Shortpixel is an excellent tool if you blog on a WordPress site and have plenty of images to upload every week.

Images are vital to blog posts, so signing up for at least the basic Shortpixel Plan will keep you in good stead.

What Are the Best Security, Firewall/Malware, and Encryption Resources for Bloggers?

Security must be a top priority for every blogger. A single hack can completely ruin a blog or put it back months.

Even if you ask nicely, hackers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, you will need the best security resources for bloggers to protect your website. Here are some recommendations based on expert reviews.


image 22


One of the best security plugins is Wordfence. Its primary free scanning tool checks your postings, comments, plugins, core files, and theme files for spam, malicious code, and erroneous URLs.

Wordfence automatically runs these scans regularly and notifies you if it finds a corrupted file, vulnerability, or threat.

While it doesn’t provide restore options for a corrupted file, it will inform you of the changes made so you can fix it more quickly.

Top Features

  • The free version comes with a website firewall to prevent bots from infiltrating your website, a feature offered only in their premium versions by other security plugins.
  • The free version also offers live traffic monitoring, which shows who is accessing your website, and login attempt restrictions to prevent brute force assaults.
  • It provides real-time information on malicious intrusion attempts.
  • The Premium version has 2FA, premium customer service, remote scanning, country blocking, and spam filtering in the comments.


  • Free to use

The Wordfence security plugin is free to use, but those looking for features beyond those necessary for ensuring basic security can opt for the paid premium plans.

Bottom Line

Wordfence is an excellent option if you’re looking for a security plugin that allows you to monitor your website traffic in real-time, uses a firewall to prevent infiltration from bots, and offers all the blog security functions you could want.

Nord VPN

image 1


VPNs are fantastic. They not only enable you to view geo-restricted material on the Internet, but they can also safeguard your privacy online. Additionally, a VPN can provide you with a competitive edge in blogging.

My personal favorite is NordVPN. It incorporates dedicated IPs, split tunneling, dark web monitoring, and being fast and dependable.

It is one of the VPN services that bloggers most frequently download. You can use a number of their servers located all over the world.

You will have unrestricted access to all servers worldwide once you have subscribed to a NordVPN subscription. Additionally, a single mouse click can establish a connection to a server.

Top Features

  • You have the option to add connection defaults when installing NordVPN. These are already set up with the best options for tasks like downloading, surfing, and streaming.
  • IOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and macOS all work with NordVPN. Each platform has a distinct NordVPN version with functions tailored for the best possible user experience.
  • It has advanced security functions. The Dark Web Monitor, for instance, proactively crawls the deep web for content that may be linked to your account.
  • Thanks to the “CyberSec” function of NordVPN, you can ensure a clean and secure online experience. Advertisements and websites that can infect you with malware are blocked by it.


  • Monthly plan: $14.29 for Complete, $12.99 for Plus, $11.99 for Standard
  • 1-Year plan: $6.79/month for Complete, $5.49/month for Plus, $4.49/month for Standard
  • 2-Year plan: $5.29/month for Complete, $3.99/month for Plus, $2.99/month for Standard

You can use NordVPN by signing up for the Complete, Plus, or Standard Plan. These plans are offered in monthly, 1-year, and 2-year packages.

You will have a lot less per month for using NordVPN if you subscribe to a 1-year or 2-year plan instead of opting for the monthly plan.

Bottom Line

NordVPN has a solid reputation for reliability, a commitment to privacy, and robust security safeguards. All of this makes it the perfect VPN service for bloggers.


image 24


  • You can get a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to protect your website. This accreditation enables you to safeguard user information and gives your visitors peace of mind when they are on your website.
  • You can encrypt and safeguard the communication between your website and visitors using SSL certificates. A highly recommended SSL certificate provider is
  • Small- and medium-sized websites are the focus of, which offers comparatively affordable SSL protection, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a dedicated support team.

Top Features

  • Dedicated support team.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Visitors to your website can get real-time verification of their credentials.
  • The certificate has a high level of protection with 2048-bit signatures and 256-bit encryption keys.


  • PositiveSSL: $3.88 per year
  • PositiveSSL Wildcard: $39.88 per year

The pricing starts at $3.88 per year for the PositiveSSL Plan, which covers one domain, including validation, low assurance, Comodo SSL, and basic HTTP.

The higher plan that costs $39.88 per year covers all this and unlimited subdomains.

Bottom Line offers everything you require to secure your website and provide excellent customer service. As such, I recommend getting SSL certificates for your blog from it.

What Are the Best Themes for Bloggers?

You can accentuate the content on your website and give it a more professional appearance by choosing a suitable theme.

However, choosing blogging themes with all the required functionality can be challenging. Or themes that fit your dollar limit.

Finding a theme with aesthetics complementing your image or truly standing out from the competition can also be challenging.

To help you out, I have researched the top-rated themes for bloggers to shortlist the following options.




A free WordPress themes resource for bloggers, Astra is immensely popular and has thousands of users. Astra’s most significant advantage is its hundreds of starter templates, so you can quickly establish a blog website.

Top Features

  • The Astra theme’s website database has many unique pages and templates.
  • Prominent WordPress page builders like Divi and Elementor are compatible with Astra.
  • Astra loads in under half a second and uses 50 KB of resources, much less than typical WordPress blog themes.
  • Developers may expand Astra’s functionality thanks to features like filters and hooks designed with them in mind.


  • Astra Pro: $47
  • Essential Bundle: $137
  • Growth Bundle: $187

For faster website creation, the basic plan provides hundreds of customization features. The Essential Bundle provides high-quality website templates and add-ons to boost your preferred page builder. The most comprehensive package covers the tools required to establish and grow your blog.

Bottom Line

Astra excels at providing bloggers with a blank canvas to create the theme they desire. It gives users control over the archive pages, headers, fonts, colors, and layouts with a solid free version and a potent Pro upgrade.

Kadence WP

image 2


The Kadence WordPress theme simplifies building stunning, fast-loading, and responsive websites. It has a simple drag-and-drop header and footer builder that makes it possible to create any style of title quickly.

Top Features

  • By importing a starter template, you can easily create your website.
  • It has a vast selection of attractive starter templates that can be quickly modified using sophisticated color and font options.
  • Thanks to solid integration, you can quickly create a stunning website with the most widely used 3rd party plugins.
  • Premium support is available whenever you need it.


  • Free Forever: Free to use
  • Essential Bundle: $129 for the first year
  • Entire Bundle: $199 for the first year

If you’re looking for free themes for your blog, you can get started with the Free Forever plan of Kadence.

It will provide start templates and the Kadence theme to get started.

The paid plans will cost you some money but will provide custom fonts, professional themes, and other helpful website-building features.

Bottom Line

You need an attractive website to maximize the return from the time, effort, and money you spend making your blog successful.

Kadence offers Themes that can assist you in building a website that is genuinely effective in accomplishing this objective.

What Are The Best Website Building Resources for Bloggers?

Today, you can create websites in a flash. And you can accomplish this without any programming or design knowledge.

A few popular choices can get you where you need to go. However, the best web builders have unique advantages that make them stand out. Here are the two website-building options for you to consider.


image 3


You should look into Elementor if WordPress is your preferred content management system (CMS). It is not just a terrific drag-and-drop page builder with many functions but also an excellent blog website builder. With Elementor, there is no reason to feel constrained because it instantly adapts to your requirements and objectives.

Top Features

  • Elementor can assist in taking your web design to the next level.
  • No prerequisite coding expertise is needed for Elementor, and it fits with any WordPress theme. You can choose from various pre-made site pieces or start from scratch.
  • When selecting your website builder, you can add a hosting function to have all your tools in one location.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Free version
  • Essential plan: $49/year
  • Expert plan: $199/year
  • Studio Plan: $299/year
  • Agency Plan: $999/per year

All paid plans ranging from $49 to $999 per year, come with website kits, premium support, and pro features.

All plans except for the Essential Plan also offer an Elementor Expert Profile.

Those looking for more basic website-building features without committing to a subscription fee can opt for the free version offered by Elementor.

Bottom Line

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that makes developing WordPress blogs easier.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop editor that is ideal for beginners who have no experience creating websites.

Additionally, it comes with professional tools that assist you in maintaining your website.

Kadence Blocks

image 4


A popular and adaptable Gutenberg blocks extension for WordPress, Kadence Blocks enables you to develop stunning and functional websites without much coding experience.

It comes with a selection of pre-made design blocks you may use to build and modify web pages.

Top Features

  • You can create stunning pages for your website using the Fifteen Gutenberg blocks provided by Kadence Blocks.
  • With the help of Kadence Block’s global styling choices, you can establish a universal color scheme for your website.
  • To assist you in creating what you desire, Kadence Blocks offers sophisticated customization tools. It contains a wide range of settings and options, such as controls for font size, spacing, color, responsiveness, and more.
  • Page builders frequently cause your website to load slowly, mainly if you use a small shared web server. Kadence Blocks, on the other hand, only loads JavaScript and CSS when required on the page, helping to optimize page speed.
image 5


  • Kadence Blocks Pro: $89/year
  • Essential Bundle: $129/year
  • Complete Bundle: $199/year

If you want to use the plugin on several websites and receive updates for a whole year, you will find the premium version incredibly affordable at $89 annually.

Anytime you want, you can change plans or terminate your subscription. The total price will be applied to the renewals.

Even more attractive are the bundle packages. For $149 a year, you can obtain premium starter themes, templates, and plugins with the Essential bundle.

You will have complete access to all of Kadence’s features when you purchase the Full Bundle.

Bottom Line

I’ve tested this plugin and can safely recommend anyone who wants to create a website utilizing Gutenberg to use Kadence Blocks.

You can easily design webpages using the blocks and functionalities offered by this plugin.

What Are The Best Productivity and AI Copywriting Resources for Bloggers?

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has advanced significantly. AI can now be applied in software tools that assist in writing content or, in some situations, writing it entirely.

An AI-powered writing assistant provides resources for writing articles, books, blogs, and other types of content. These are just a few benefits of using AI resources for writing and productivity that I recommend below.

Content At Scale

Top Pick
Content at scale logo

Content At Scale

Automated Content Creation

Upload a list of keywords and get 2,600+ word blog posts that bypass AI content detection – all with no human intervention!


Content at scale is my top pick for this list of content production.

That is because the content at scale can produce very long-form posts in just a few minutes and with the best writing quality.

Top Features

  • 2600+ words posts on average, without human intervention
  • Bypass AI content detection
  • WordPress plugin
  • Structured articles with TOC and Key Takeaways
  • Fully customizable


Currently, there are some great plans under early access, but they will end soon

  • Solo, 8 posts per month, $250 ($31 per post)
  • Starter, 20 Posts per month, $500 ($25 per post)
  • Scaling, 50 Posts per month, $1000 ($20 per post)
  • Agency, 100 Posts per month, $1500 ($15 per post)
  • Done-For-You Service, $2000 per month, 20 posts created, optimized, and published monthly, all done for you.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not happy with your first five posts
image 5


image 7

Overview employs a platform driven by artificial intelligence to produce compelling, conversion-optimized copy or content, from advertisements on social media to entire blog posts or landing pages, in seconds.

Top Features

  • An AI-powered content production tool, Copymatic can assist you in producing unique, high-quality website or blog content. Type a topic or keyword, and Copymatic will create an original article.
  • The user interface is simple to use and comprehend.
  • It is packed with features.
  • It offers a free trial period of 30 days, so you may try it out before you buy it.


  • Free trial
  • Pro: $32 per year

You can test Copymatic by signing up and using the free trial.

However, the Pro plan is recommended to access unlimited tools, projects, SEO keyword research, and a plagiarism checker.

Bottom Line

Copymatic is unquestionably a tool to consider if you’re searching for one to help you with content marketing.

It is simple to use and quite helpful in pointing out areas where you may improve. Additionally, it is reasonably priced, making it a fantastic choice for solopreneurs and small businesses.


image 9


You can write more quickly, overcome writer’s block, and rank higher with SEO-optimized content using Jasper, formerly Jarvis.

Jasper is a fantastic AI-powered copywriter that uses over 55 copywriting templates to produce all kinds of content.

More than fifty thousand people use Jasper, which can be used to both create and upgrade existing applications. When using the tool, you are regularly guided on how to improve and speed up your writing.

Top Features

  • Jasper uses cutting-edge AI tools like GPT-3, which has powerful text prediction capabilities. Jasper is, therefore, significantly more technologically advanced than many of its rivals.
  • The software includes built-in grammatical and plagiarism tools to guarantee that the work is original and free of errors.
  • You may use it to write more than 50 various sorts of content, such as blog entries, PPC advertisements, website landing pages, product descriptions, and social media posts.


  • Starter: $24 per month
  • Boss Mode: $49 per month estimated

Jasper provides new users a 5-day free trial with a ten thousand word cap. After the trial period ends, you can select the Starter plan, starting at $24/month, or the Boss Mode plan costing up to $49/month.

You will also be charged more if you produce a lot of content monthly with Jasper.

Bottom Line

One of the most sophisticated AI copywriting tools available is called Jasper. This feature-rich tool works well for experienced writers and those with little writing background. It should unquestionably be on your list of potential AI copywriting tools.


image 10


Grammarly is revolutionary! It is the one AI writing tool that you genuinely need.

It is so simple and easy to use that people revere it. It will point out any typos or grammatical errors, make suggestions, and comment on your work’s engagement, clarity, and delivery.

Grammarly is valid for much more than fixing your content’s grammar issues. It also analyzes your content’s general tone and style to ensure that it appeals to the target audience.

Top Features

  • Checks for grammatical mistakes
  • Provides suggestions for writing themes
  • Assesses the emotional tone of the text
  • Compares your material to the previously published content and checks for plagiarism.
  • Determines whether the content complies with a given writing style’s requirements.
  • Recommends paragraphs and sentences based on keywords


  • Free version
  • Premium: $12 per month
  • Business: $12.50 per month

You can use Grammarly with the free version that provides basic writing suggestions. However, if you want suggestions to improve your content’s tone, style, clarity, and engagement, go for the premium or business plans.

Bottom Line

Unlike other AI writing tools, Grammarly acts as your checker. It analyzes your content and corrects grammatical mistakes to help you produce an error-free copy.

It’s a fantastic tool for content quality checking if you are a blogger or content writer. But I also believe it is essential for anyone who wants to write content professionally—even if they don’t write for a living.

What Are the Best SEO Plugins and SEO Software for Bloggers?

You should constantly search for efficient SEO tools to have an advantage over your competitors. However, if you’re a blogger looking to boost your organic traffic, you have a few special requirements.

The most straightforward strategy to get targeted traffic from search engines like Google to your blog is to use the proper combination of SEO plugins and software.

Even beginners with little prior experience can achieve fantastic outcomes with them. Here is my top pick for the SEO plugins and SEO software categories.

RankMath (SEO Plugin)

image 11


A valuable SEO tool for bloggers that use WordPress can be RankMath. The setup wizard in RankMath makes setup quick and straightforward, resulting in a user experience (UI) that is easy to use, effective, and elegant.

Like all the excellent WordPress SEO plugins, Rank Math can analyze and enhance the use of Meta descriptions, page titles, and keywords.

Additionally, it features a component of Content AI that examines already-existing web content and makes suggestions to you instantly to raise the likelihood that your content will rank well in searches.

Top Features

  • Includes a tool for keyword suggestions and comparison.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Features a keyword tracker.
  • Has a tool for internal and external link suggestions.


  • Pro: $59 per year
  • Business: $199 per year
  • Agency: $499 per year

By providing a 30-day money-back promise with 100% satisfaction, RankMath draws bloggers. It begins at $59 per year, and the price increases with an increase in the requirement for keyword tracking, content AI credit, and more.

Bottom Line

Rank Math includes everything you require to take charge of your on-page SEO fully.

The power of several SEO plugins you could utilize on your website is combined by this tool into a single, lightweight, and simple-to-manage plugin.

All this makes it a must-have tool for bloggers.

SE Ranking (SEO Software)

image 12


Since SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software package, it contains all the diverse SEO tools that bloggers need to use regularly in one convenient location. It can assist with almost any SEO function, including on-page SEO, competitor analysis, rank tracking, backlink checking, keyword research, and website audits.

Regardless of how many projects you have, SE Ranking provides solutions for solopreneurs, small businesses, and digital agencies. It makes the platform efficient and enjoyable to use.

Top Features

  • You can monitor your keyword search ranking in Yahoo, Bing, and Google for any device, language, and region. Additionally, you can check what SERP elements are available for the keywords you’re following and monitor Google rankings on mobile and desktop devices.
  • The tool aids in analyzing keyword strategies used by competitor websites for both organic and paid searches, as well as their Google Ads history.
  • It compares all of your sites and subdomains to technical standards important for SEO. The software recommends the urgency of each identified error and how to correct it.
  • You can study the backlink techniques of your competitors and organize your link-building priorities with the aid of Backlink Checker.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Essential: $31.20 per month
  • Pro: $71.20 per month
  • Business: $151.20 per month

SE Ranking has far more affordable plans than some of its rivals. Paid plans start at $31.20 per month, with prices determined on usage. However, before you commit to any paid plans, you can test this SEO software by utilizing the 14-day free trial.

Bottom Line

I genuinely believe that SE Ranking is the best SEO software solution currently on the market, especially in terms of the way that its features and price are balanced.

Over the past few years, it has rapidly gained popularity and overtook industry giants like SEMrush and Ahrefs. You cannot go wrong with it.

What Are the Best Affiliate Management Resources for Bloggers?

You can earn money from affiliate marketing by promoting goods and services you value and use in your blogs.

You receive a commission when your readers use your tracking link to make purchases. To increase your affiliate sales commissions, I recommend using affiliate management plugins to boost your earnings.


image 13


A potent affiliate link management solution for WordPress, ThirstyAffiliates allows you to easily manage your affiliate links.

You can easily add links to posts, hide links, have affiliate links automatically inserted, and even track how each link does on your website.

Additionally, you can arrange your affiliate partners more easily by categorizing your links.

image 14

Top Features

  • It condenses your affiliate links to create short, enticing URLs.
  • It allows you to establish global preferences for following your affiliate links and use suitable 301 redirects. Additionally, you can set up all of your affiliate links to launch in a new tab.
  • It allows you to include affiliate links in your post conveniently. You can use ThirstyAffiliate’s dropdown link inserter to create links whenever needed instead of logging into each affiliate network individually.
  • You only need to update the URL once in the ThirstyAffiliate UI to alter an affiliate link.


  • Free Version
  • Basic: $79.50
  • Plus: $129.50
  • Advanced: $199.50

All the features I’ve listed are free as of the time of writing.

However, you can make affiliate management to the next level with paid plans that offer CSV import/export functionality, automatic keyword linking, and more.

Bottom Line

A widespread tool amongst WordPress users, ThirstyAffiliates is the pioneer in affiliate link management.

If you’re looking for a tool to manage all your affiliate links in one convenient place, then ThirstyAffiliates should be your preferred choice.

Wrap Up

As a blogger, you have a wealth of free and paid resources for bloggers that can help you create a successful blog.

However, deciding amongst the thousands of options available today can be challenging.

Hopefully, this roundup of the best free and paid resources for your blog will assist you in narrowing down your options to a few tools you can use to help your blog grow and flourish.

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