Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Are you searching for free SEO tools? This Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Review will show you the ins and outs of all its features.

With these tools, you can get actionable insights on any website or blog you own.

So if you own a website and want to improve your SEO without spending any money, here is this solution from Ahrefs.

Let’s dive into it.

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Quick Facts

  • Product: Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT
  • Product Type: Cloud SEO Software
  • Price: Free (For Verified Websites)
  • Included Tools: Site Audit And Site Explorer
  • URL: https://ahrefs.com/webmaster-tools
  • Recommended: Yes

What are Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

Ahrefts Webmaster Tools is a magnificent set of tools to improve your Website’s SEO performance and get more traffic by analyzing your site’s SEO issues. It also helps you to identify your backlink profile.

Not only that, but you can also get built-in solutions to the identified issues.

Let’s break AWT into its components and how to use them. But first, I will show you how to install it.

How To Start Using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

1. Go to AWT Website

Click here to go directly and follow along with this article.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools main page

2. Sign Up For A Free Account

You will need to verify your Website Ownership before you can start using AWT. You can do the verification in four different ways.

3. Verify your website ownership

  • Connecting Google Search Console (recommended); I used this way, which is fast and more comfortable. There is no risk of your data being collected or used by Ahrefs; the Google Search Console connection is just for verification.
  • Uploading an HTML file;
  • Adding a TXT record to your DNS configuration;
  • You are adding an HTML meta tag to your homepage.

Once verified, you can start your audit immediately (Site Audit is tool #1), and you can turn it on to run weekly audits and crawl all external sites.

Tool #1: Site Audit

You can check on information on each one with the unintrusive-featured gray-background question marks.

I love the visuals and the data information on each card. Aren’t they great?

image 61

With Site Audit, you can check over a hundred SEO issues that may hurt your organic search rankings.

And for each issue, you can see what is exactly the problem, on which URL, and how to fix it. That way, you can solve the problems and positively impact your site’s SEO and rankings.

image 63

Site Audit also includes a series of apps with valuable information and reports with lots of tips for your site health, including:


  • All issues
  • Crawl log
  • Bulk export


  • Page explorer
  • Link explorer
  • Internal Link Opportunities
  • Structure explorer


image 64
  • Internal pages
  • Indexability
  • Links
  • Redirects
  • Social tags
  • Duplicates
  • Localization
  • Performance
  • Images
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • External pages

Tool #2: Site Explorer

Site Explorer from AWT looks into your site’s backlinks and search data.

Such as:

  • Pages that link to your site
  • The pages they are linking to
  • SEO metrics that help you understand their influence on your Website
  • All the keywords your site ranks for are broken-down by country
  • Domain Rating
  • Total backlinks
  • Total referring domains
  • The Number of Keywords your site is ranking for
  • The amount of traffic you are getting
  • Many other tools, reports, and filters that you can use and even export, such as:

Overview and Overview 2.0

The old Overview panel and the new one are available and may change, and the old Overview may go to the Legacy list of tools.

Backlink profile

  • Backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Anchors
  • Referring IPs
  • Internal backlinks

Organic search

  • Organic keywords
  • Top subfolders
  • Top subdomains
  • Competing domains
  • Competing pages

Paid search

  • Paid keywords
  • Ads


  • Best by links
  • Best by links’ growth
  • Top content


  • CSV
  • PDF

Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Limitations

There are limits to how many URLs the tools crawl and how long it retains the data. But being free software, can you complain?

Site Audit

  • Monthly crawled URLs – 5,000 per project
  • Data retention – 3 months
  • JS rendering – yes

Site Explorer

  • Backlink index – Live only
  • Rows per report – 1,000
  • Rows per month – 100,000
  • Export rows per report – 1,000
  • Export rows per month – 10,000

Advanced SEO reports:

  • Content gap – 10 rows per report
  • Link Intersect – 10 rows per report
  • Competing pages/domains – 10 rows per report
  • Top pages/subdomains/paths – 10 rows per report

Other Ahrefs Free Tools

Ahrefs also has some other tools that can be used for free, but they are constrained compared to a paid subscription. Still, if you are new to SEO, they are pretty valuable if you are just starting a blog business.

And some helpful others.

image 66

My Final Points On These Free Resources

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools are great and will give you detailed and in-depth information.
  • Ahref’s is one of the SEO research tools authorities
  • The two parts of AWT are a free release (with just a few limitations) of the paid counterpart
  • Complements Google Search Console and supplies more information in many cases
image 67
Comparison Ahrefs VS Google Search Console – Source Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Upgrading for more access – Ahrefs and Alternative

To obtain other tools and services from Ahrefs, other than the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools free, there is a $99/month starter price. That makes the tools pricey, but I recommend them if you can afford them.


image 68

SE Ranking

Otherwise, SE Rank is a good alternative that costs less and boasts excellent service and SEO tools, and you can start from minimum plans and scale as you grow.

image 65

Check SE Rank Here. Starting from $18.72 (paid yearly). You can pay monthly, quarterly, every six months, every nine months, or annually. You can also select the frequency of the automated reports; in the beginning, you don’t need them daily, so you can save some money there.

You can also see more SEO software options here.


I hope you found this review helpful. Now go and use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for your SEO efforts. Also try the other suggested tools, such as the Ahrefs free keyword tool.

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