Pablo Raschetti

Hi, my name is Pablo Raschetti, and I am a Provision Master and Financial Controller on Cruise Vessels.

I was born in 1977 in Uruguay and, fast forward, graduated from High School in 1995. I never went to college; instead, I went straight to work as the economy was not the best for my family then. I worked as a salesman for many years before finding Bartending – which would become the beginning of my hospitality Career.

I have worked in several Hospitality properties, from bars to restaurants, to hotels, to cruise lines (ever since 2005), moving up through different positions. Sommelier, and Bar Manager, serving drinks and wines on luxury vessels and to the most discerning passengers. Fast forward, I had the first opportunity to be a Provision Master, advancing my career further as a Financial Controller. My work has since always involved logistics and Purchasing related matters.

I started learning about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO (and a lot more) three years ago. Then was when I decided to follow this path; however, after a few failed experiences, I eventually gave up because I lacked belief in myself.

I never truly believed in myself enough to pursue those… until recently, I had some new light on why I was failing before, and it wasn’t only my self-belief issues, but also I wasn’t guided entirely right.

When you start at something new, you need the basic foundations, but you also need strategies for the time you are living in, and that is what I was missing at that time, which I wish I had known then.

So after that “aha moment,” things started to become brighter and clearer paths ahead. So I started building my future in the back of my life at the age of 45.

This blog is my brand, and it’s something that I’m proud of.

So I am on this quest to earn more money and ultimately create a passive income that will give me financial freedom and a better living for my beloved ones. I peel off myself and show the inside scoop of the methods, tactics, and tools used so that not only can I succeed but help others in doing so.

My name is on the front line. The only way to succeed is to genuinely do all that is needed and share with others in the process.

So here we are. All the bridges are burning behind!

I am pleased to have you on my website, and hopefully, I will be of help to you.

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